From the novice gardener, to the eccentric hobbyist, to commercial operations,
Salida Hydroponic Supply will help you grow. With our traditional garden expertise, modern industry knowledge, and real-life experiences, we can help you develop efficient, healthy methods of growing and caring for your plants.



We love to get dirty!
So we carry a wide-range selection
of healthy, nutrient-rich soil for all
plants so they thrive.



If you prefer a sterile space and automated environment to control the growth and health of your plants, we have an extensive variety of supplies.



If the preference is to feed the soil to feed the plants, we offer a variety of amendments, mycorrhizals, and bacterias to build your soil.  

Centrally located, fully stocked, extremely knowledgeable.


We create stress free shopping so you can grow big! Email, call or stop in
with any and all product questions. We will help guide you to develop your
own efficient methods of growing and caring for plants.